You can find the described example QML files in the qml_ros_plugin repo examples directory.


The subscriber example demonstrates how to create a Subscriber in QML using the QML ROS Plugin.

You can run the example using the qmlscene executable:

qmlscene subscriber.qml


The publisher example publishes an std_msgs/Int32 message on the topic that the subscriber example subscribes to. Coincidentally, the two examples can very well be used together.

To run, run:

qmlscene publisher.qml

URDF Tutorial UI

This example combines several of the functionalities provided by this library and presents a user interface for the urdf_sim_tutorial diff drive example.

First, launch the example:

roslaunch urdf_sim_tutorial 13-diffdrive.launch

Next, launch the example UI:

qmlscene urdf_tutorial_combined.qml

It provides a top down view on the position of the robot and sliders to control the forward and angular movement.


This example demonstrates the logging functionality detailed in Logging. The “Output logging level” sets the minimum logging level that is printed whereas the “Message logging level” sets the level of the message that is logged when you click the Log button.

To run, run:

qmlscene logging.qml